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Divorce Mediation

Divorce, parental custody, child support, property sharing, and resolution of other types of conflicts. This is the main focus of our Mediator Office. You can have a divorce by mutual agreement or mutual consent, with the help of an experienced Divorce Attorney. We would like to show you that there are quicker and friendlier solutions than some inhumane legal procedures.

All About Divorce
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Attorney and Mediator Services

Our office is special because we combine mediation with legal activities. The attorney and mediator services are backed up with extensive in-court experience. The sooner we start to work together on your case, the quicker you will reach an agreement. We strive to provide you a cultured environment, close your case within a foreseeable time, in a cost-effective way.

Attorney at Law Services
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Avoid a Lawsuit

We are primarily not about winning a lawsuit for our customers. Our work aims to make the customers’ lives easier. The Mediator will help you to make your own decisions regarding your life, and not to put that decision in someone else’s hands in Court. Prevent big arguments with your spouse or partner, ask for our Mediator’s help to reach an agreement!

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Mediation - Ask For Our Mediator's Help!

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First Meeting

The mediation process always starts with a First Meeting. During this initial, pre-scheduled private meeting the Mediator and the Client will discuss all the sensitive topics that the Client would not like to share with his or her spouse/partner.
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Divorce by Mutual Agreement

There is no ruling in a mediation procedure. You don’t have to prove you’re right. With a Mediator, you can reach a divorce agreement much sooner than in a lawsuit. Divorce by Mutual Agreement instead of lengthy court procedures.
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Divorce Steps

It’s your choice: engage in a lawsuit, get a divorce on your own, or choose Mediation with Mediator and Attorney support? The process starts with a joint decision, followed by the First Meeting, the Mediation, document signing, then Court filing.
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Criminal Mediation

We provide in-depth information for Clients who have been assigned to a Criminal Mediation by a Court in an ongoing lawsuit. Important! We don’t perform Criminal Mediation at our office, we only provide legal support.
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How Can a Mediator Help?

The Mediator‘s role is to solve the conflict. He/she will guide and help the discussion with questions or provide legal counsel as an Attorney at Law. We help clients reach an agreement. We – at Mediátorpont – strive to make your life easier.
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The Mediátorpont Legal Office was funded in 2013 by Dorottya Farkas dr., Attorney at Law and Mediator. Her main goal is to help you solve conflicts related to divorce, child supportinheritance, or business matters.

Media Appearances

Interviews, newspaper articles, and television appearances on topics related to divorce and mediation.
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Reasons For Mediation

Attorney-Mediator Advantages

✓  Save time and money.

✓  Avoid lengthy court procedures.

✓  Discover the reasons leading to the problem.

✓  Be an active participant, shape your own conflict.

✓  Have meetings hosted in a calm, humane environment instead of the official mood of a Court. Assisted by a Divorce Attorney.

✓  Personally shape the agreement that reflects your goals.

✓  You will be happier to keep the agreement than a court ruling.

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