The divorce price – or in the case of any other long lawsuit at court – can be really steep. There could be high fees, prices of experts, attorneys. Reaching well above 1 million HUF. The price of divorce mediation can be much-much favorable than that of a long lawsuit. It is therefore much desirable that you try to reach an agreement with your spouse or partner, to avoid going to court. Spending less on mediation, instead of a divorce lawsuit will save us a lot on additional expenses.

First Meeting

Private consulting


Separately, with both parties


1 – 1,5 hours / person / session


Choose this if this is your first time here


35 000 HUF / person / session


A meeting with three people


Both parties present


3 hours / session


Can only be chosen after the first meetings


Prices are discussed during first meetings

Divorce Mediation

2 first meetings (2 x 50 minutes)


1 mediation (1 x 3 hours)


Divorce application + Mediation Agreement


Can only be chosen after the first meetings


Prices are discussed during first meetings

Price Influencing Factors

Our statistics tell us that the sooner the parties start the process of mediation the bigger the chances of an agreement are. The length of the first meetings and the amount of mediation sessions depends on the complexity of each case and on the approach of the parties involved.
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Divorce Documents Needed

The mediation agreement is a document that signals the court the common will of the divorcing parties. The application for a divorce is a document that is mandatory at the Hungarian Court. This is needed in order to start a divorce.

Preparing a Mediation Agreement

Assembled during a mediation


Signed by all parties on location


Accepted by Court


Prices are discussed during first meetings

Help in Filling Up an Application

With Mediation


Mandatory to file for divorce


A format accepted by the Court


Prices are discussed during first meetings

Help in Filling Up an Application

Without Mediation


Mandatory to file for divorce


A format accepted by the Court


Prices are discussed during first meetings

Other Prices

Divorce fees (payable to the Court)

HUF 30.000,-

Fees payable to the court – with fee stamps – in case of mediation agreement could be as low as HUF 15.000,- thus the price payable for an application document to the Attorney-Mediator can be deducted from the final costs of the divorce.

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Filing a Divorce Application to the Court

HUF 10 000,-

Let us file the divorce application to the assigned Court instead of you. This will take the burden off your shoulder to stand in line at the court with your own divorce papers. It is our experience that clients are very happy to not do this!


Price of a First Meeting Over Skype

Prices of online first meetings are the same as those of a personal first meeting. Please see the price at the top of the page. All online meetings have to be paid for in advance. By wire transfer or PayPal. Our PayPal address:, the bank account number for dr. Farkas Dorottya: 10700770-71482985-51100005.


Assistance in Criminal Mediation

HUF 25.000,- / 60 minutes.

We don’t do Criminal Mediation, we only provide legal assistance in an ongoing case that has been delegated for mediation. The mediation is done at the Government Office of the Capital City of Budapest or at another County. (We did similar procedures previously, so we do know the requirements pretty well.)

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Transfer fees for meetings outside the office

HUF 30 000,- / session – inside a 30 km perimeter
HUF 50 000,- / session – outside a 30 km perimeter

Our on-location fees do not contain the prices of meetings, mediations and composition of applications and other documentations. They do contain the prices of hiring a local office though.


Mandatory Mediation fees

HUF 5 000,- / 50 minutes – First Meeting
HUF 30 000,- / 3 hours – Mediation
HUF 15 000,- / document – Agreement

In cases in which a Court orders the parties to take part in a mediation – during an on-going lawsuit – we charge the fees required by law. These fees are only valid in case of mandatory mediations.

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Fee of a Land Register Title Deed

HUF 6 250,-

Fee payable to the Hungarian Land Register, in cash.


Price of our work in obtaining a Title Deed

HUF 10 000,-

Avoid standing in line. We can get you a Title Deed from the Hungarian Land Register – on your request.


Attorney prices for sharing of property

The divorce would not require an asset-sharing or property-sharing agreement, the court is not asking for it. In many cases, there are no assets the parties wish to divide during a divorce. In other cases there are significant assets – both in real estate and other means – that have been accumulated during the time spent together. The destiny of these assets has to be decided in these cases, the cost of a divorce is increased by this agreement.

Property sharing agreements can be incredibly costly. This is why we have a favorable price structure in these cases. In case of a mediation, we work together with other lawyers to do the property sharing. Please contact us for a price quote.

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Divorce price - can it be lowered?

Our statistics show that the sooner you start the divorce procedure the higher the chances of an agreement are. If the conflict deepens and time starts to pass by, the costs for any legal procedures will increase, as many hours of expert work go into it. The basic mediation package at our office equals about 4-5 hours of Attorney fees.