Dorottya Farkas dr., Attorney at Law

Dorottya Farkas dr. many years ago – as an aspiring lawyer – has decided in a courtroom that she wanted to work as a mediator. She started working as a mediator at the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office. She funded Mediátorpont in 2013 to help people avoid lengthy lawsuits.
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  More than 500 mediations

   90% client agreement rate

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dr. Farkas Dorottya ügyvéd-mediátor, Mediátorpont

A Path to Mediaton

Kúria - budapesti bírósági épület

Legal History

I have always loved the courtrooms, it’s very exciting to see what happens there from a perspective of a professional, a lawyer. I understand those colleagues of mine who have chosen to be counsels. It breaks my heart though that 90% of the customers are not so enthusiastic.

In reality, even for the trials that people have won, there often are many years of court-going for some. That is a terrible financial burden, many sleepless nights, stressful months, ruins of relationships and lots and lots of hostility, irreparable harm, physical deterioration.

dr. Farkas Dorottya jogász-mediátor, Mediátorpont

Professional Experience

Dorottya Farkas dr. Attorney at Law
Representation in Family law and civil law cases in Hungary.

Budapest Metropolitan Government Office
Criminal Mediation
Traffic violations, criminal acts against people, goods.

Leading Attorney at Law and Mediator
Registered by the Hungarian Ministry of justice
registration number T/002614.

dr. Farkas Dorottya - továbbképzések

Advanced Training

Károli Gáspár Reformed University
Faculty of Law

Legal Examination

Hungarian Coach Union Foundation
Accredited Mediator Course

Partners Hungary Foundation
Accredited Mediator Course

Ádám Mészáros dr.
Relationship- and Marriage coach course

Central-European Mediation Institute
Mediation is business cases course


The mission for Dorottya Farkas dr. as an Attorney and Mediator is not to push an agreement through by all means, but to dissolve a conflict or a disagreement together with the parties involved. She tries to transform the problematic relationship into a bearable one, to make the mood suitable for cooperation. If this is achieved, the birth of an agreement will be a positive outcome of the mediation.

Reaching an agreement is possible in 85% of the cases. Even when the clients did not manage to reach an arrangement in most of the other remaining cases, they never gave feedback which would have stated that they regret taking part in the process. However, Dorottya Farkas dr., an Attorney at Law has heard numerous times at court – from her clients, or clients of the opposing party – that starting a lawsuit was a mistake. These clients wished they would have sat down to reach an agreement too.