Dorottya Farkas dr. Divorce Attorney - Legal Services

I specialize in the following areas of law: family law, divorce law, corporate law, real estate law, labor law, legal representation in lawsuits, and other legal representation.

My mission as an Attorney is to help my customers solve their conflicts mostly with agreements, and my goal is to avoid involving them in lengthy lawsuits. Being a divorce attorney, I can assist them in all legal matters their case requires.

Family Law

●  Marital agreements, partnership agreements – prepared by an Attorney

●  Making divorce agreements and other agreements related to divorce

●  Undersigning and agreement, preparing it, and filing it with a court before a lawsuit

●  Legal representation in divorce cases at Court – with mutual agreement

●  Shared property division after marriage

●  Contracts related to inheritance, support

●  Writing of a will or testament

Családjog - ügyvédi tevékenységek

Corporate Law

●  Company formation

●  Company data changes (changes to the association)

●  Company transformations (change of form, mergers, etc.)

●  Document revision related to corporate law

●  Writing and countersigning as an Attorney of corporate legal documents

●  Sale of corporate property

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Real Estate Law

●  Initial meetings

●  Sales documents, rent documents

●  Hungarian Land Administration documents

●  Title deed examinations by an Attorney

●  Writing pre-contracts

●  Writing gift agreements

●  Countersigning contracts as Attorney at Law, managing Attorney deposits

Labour Law

●  Employment contracts, contract samples

●  Legal assistance in employment termination cases

●  Writing a termination

●  Writing documents for termination by mutual consent

●  Employer information

●  Writing job descriptions

My Philosophy as an Attorney at Law

As an Attorney at Law I firmly believe that we need to do everything to close the dispute as quickly as possible and as cost effectively as possible.

There are many cases in which the assistance of an Attorney at Law is inevitable. This is when I suggest you start work with somebody whom you trust – not only as a lawyer – but also as a human being. Somebody who understands your problem.